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Pump up your profits with product protection.

A simple, yet powerful solution that goes the extra mile.
Home gyms are here to stay. Your customers love the convenience, flexibility, and privacy that their at-home exercise equipment provides.

...but, what happens when it malfunctions?

They throw in the towel or turn to soup cans for strength training.
Get them back on their feet with product protection.

The best product protection is powered by Extend.

Boost Customer Confidence

Provide customers peace of mind and confidence that your products will push past the limits. 

Drive Incremental Revenue

Gain a portion of each protection plan sale and keep customers using your products. Win-win. 

Create Brand Advocates

Turn moments of frustration into delight with Kaley, our 24/7 chatbot who quickly resolves claims in under 90 seconds. Wherever and whenever.

Tailor Your Protection

Offer the right coverage at the right price using machine learning to create the best solution for your customers.

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Extend makes it easy for us to capture additional incremental revenue and drive repeat purchasers to our site. During this current time of uncertainty and unpredictability in the retail space, Extend’s offering is helping to provide our customers with the product security they deserve.
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