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Extend on Shopify Plus

The Certified App Plus Partner for product protection. Drive pure profit and customer loyalty with our platform available on Shopify and Shopify Plus

Not only were we live with Extend’s Shopify app within days, but we immediately saw a game-changing, 11 percent increase to our site-wide conversion rate, along with an increase to our AOV. Extend benefits our business in the same way a good trust seal does–except Extend generates extra profit for us. It’s a win-win-win!
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Ryan Pamplin
BlendJet CEO and Co-Founder

Integrate Extend into your Shopify or Shopify Plus Store in 3 Steps

Start driving profit and happy customers in a few easy steps

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Download Extend on the Shopify marketplace

Our certified app listing requires minimal technical lift by integrating directly with your Shopify store.


Dedicated Support from our Expert Team

Go live in 2-4 weeks with our dedicated team of onboarding and optimization specialists


Drive Pure Profit

Boost your revenue at no cost. Merchants with Extend see an average 2% increase in incremental revenue

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These Shopify brands, and many more, have teamed up with Extend

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Product Sync

Product catalog syncs are automatically kicked off when you go live with Extend

Automated SKU mapping

Unique plans tailored to each product in your catalog

Optimized Offers

Optimize offer placements and consumer pricing to drive the most revenue

Automated Plan Management

No resources needed to manage consumer plan activations and cancellations

Hassle-free Claims

Seamless customer experience, with claims resolved in minutes, not days

Exceptional Service

Consumers enjoy product worry free with 24/7 online support

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