Blendjet Product Protection Case StudyBlendjet Product Protection Case Study

BlendJet increases sitewide conversion rate with $500k in Extend product protection sales

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“Everything Extend has done has been incredible for conversion rate and top line revenue. We’re happy to see a little bump to our AOV, and we’re happy to see a great bump to our conversion rate as a result of our relationship with Extend.”

Ryan Pamplin
Ryan Pamplin
Co-Founder and CEO, BlendJet

BlendJet brings convenience to a healthy lifestyle

The BlendJet story began with a traumatic head injury that forced the company’s Co-Founder and CEO, Ryan Pamplin, to rely on smoothies and shakes to help him get better. It was during his recovery that Ryan, an entrepreneur and visionary, realized the greatest challenge with eating healthy: it’s inconvenient. He set his mind to creating a solution, and BlendJet was born.

Since then, millions of customers worldwide have purchased a BlendJet portable blender. The products come in a variety of unique colors and designs, are rechargeable through a USB port, and they’re powerful enough to blend ice, frozen fruit, and other tough foods without issue. Best of all, they’re self-cleaning with the touch of a button.

Yet, because BlendJet products are built for convenience and meant to be used on the go, some users can be hard on their blenders and cause wear and tear. That means providing replacement parts or whole units to customers, which is good for brand loyalty, but costly for the brand.

BlendJet’s popularity leads to high use and demand for replacements

BlendJet operates with a unique mission in mind, sidestepping typical expectations for a small appliance retailer. 

“The problem we’re solving has nothing to do with blending; we’re solving the problem that convenient food is not healthy, and healthy food is not convenient,” Ryan said. “We make healthy options very convenient.”

And with more than 644K followers on Instagram, BlendJet’s mission to make healthy eating more convenient resonates with their audience and boosts the company’s popularity. There are videos of people using their BlendJets at home, while camping, during travels to exotic and adventurous locations, and even one of a BlendJet functioning in outer space.

With such a high and varied use case for BlendJet’s portable blenders, it’s no surprise that the products sometimes become damaged and require repair or replacement. BlendJet offers a limited manufacturer warranty, but Ryan was interested in going a step further by offering product protection to extend product lifespan and create stronger brand loyalty.

He considered building an in-house product protection offering but realized the regulatory requirements would pose a challenge. He also explored options with SquareTrade, only to discover how rigid their plans were, how challenging it would be to integrate into the BlendJet website, and how the customer experience was not up to BlendJet’s standards. 

“They didn’t have any solutions for BlendJet,” Ryan said.

So when Extend reached out about its more modern product protection plans that could meet customer needs and simultaneously drive incremental revenue for BlendJet, he jumped at the opportunity.

The unparalleled benefits of Extend

It didn’t take long for Ryan to realize the benefits of adding product protection from Extend, and in particular, he points to a number of key advantages that Extend has brought to the table.

Easy implementation with the BlendJet website

The BlendJet team used the Extend Product Protection app on the Shopify App Store to get up and running, and according to Ryan, the process was very easy. “It was just a matter of putting some code in our theme,” he said. 

In a matter of days, product protection plans were live on the BlendJet website as part of the product description, and customers began to add them to their carts along with their BlendJets and accessories. BlendJet saw an 11.4% attach rate of Extend protection plans in 2021.

Upleveled customer service

With BlendJet’s immense popularity, best-in-class customer service is not simply essential to a quality customer experience; it’s an expectation. Ryan is candid about how Extend has impacted the customer experience through BlendJet’s customer service.

“I think our customer service team would prefer that everyone has an Extend protection plan,” he said. “When a customer accidentally drops and breaks their BlendJet while doing something adventurous, like climbing Mount Everest, Extend has them covered! Customer service loves it when they can delight our customers with quick and easy replacements, without charging them a dime."

Unique plans specific to BlendJet

Ryan said that because Extend is also its own obligor — meaning Extend is authorized as a service contract provider — it stands out as the only provider with the flexibility to offer product protection plans that meet BlendJet’s unique needs. No matter what BlendJet’s manufacturer warranty looks like, Extend can come in with a full menu of options to help drive customer satisfaction with their purchase. 

“Extend is more flexible than traditional providers, who are much more rigid with what they can offer,” he said.

Optimizations that improve performance

Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of Extend handling BlendJet’s protection plans is knowing that they have a partner who is proactively looking out for their best interests — and their profitability. 

After months of product protection sales on the BlendJet website, Extend reached out to Ryan to talk about improving performance, specifically around BlendJet’s revenue share, pricing, and the product replacement process.

“Profitability wasn’t optimized, but we didn’t want to increase prices and lower conversion rate,” Ryan said. “So they suggested replacing parts instead of the entire BlendJet, which is more environmentally friendly.”

Now, by offering partial replacements, BlendJet has been able to meet customer needs while driving incremental revenue.

Extend helps BlendJet drive additional revenue and instill brand trust

11% sitewide sales conversion, 11.4% protection plan attach rate, $500k in product protection sales

Since bringing Extend onboard more than a year ago, BlendJet has made $500,000 in product protection plan sales, led by a sitewide conversion rate of 11% and a protection plan attach rate of 11.4%. Ryan credits the success to BlendJet’s relationship with Extend.

“I think having a product protection option — whether someone purchases it or not — is instilling trust,” Ryan said. “The rate of attachment we have is almost exactly proportional to the increase in conversion rate, which indicates that customers were on the edge of buying and wouldn’t have made a purchase if it wasn’t for the protection plan being available.”