1MORE increases revenue at no cost with Extend
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"In partnering with Extend, we’ve not only seen an increase in revenue at no cost to us, but also opened up the ability for our customers to feel secure in their headphones purchase. It’s those kinds of benefits that make working with Extend a pretty clear ‘yes’ in our book."
Tyler Runyon
Marketing Director, North American Division, 1MORE

1MORE has won multiple awards for their state of the art headphones. They wanted to ensure that, should something go wrong with their devices, their customers have an easy to navigate path to getting things resolved.

1MORE chose Extend as a partner because they knew Extend’s customer experience was unrivaled in the industry.

Why Extend?

1MORE takes customer loyalty extremely seriously, which was one of the key reasons why they chose to partner with Extend.

As an extension of its merchant partners’ brands, Extend’s core benefit is delivering the best customer experience in the product protection industry.

1MORE recognized that this high quality of customer service, coupled with the incremental revenue they could generate, made partnering with Extend a no brainer. 1MORE further validated their partnership decision after learning that Extend is free to use and requires little to no work to integrate.

1MORE is an award-winning consumer electronics audio company
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San Diego, California
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