Powerful Product Protection Technology

Extend’s digitally-native solution provides a better product protection experience that is a win for both merchants and their customers.

Extend Protection Platforms

Instant claims at your fingertips.

Chat with Extend’s virtual claims assistant or live support team to resolve your claim instantly, sending you back to purchase a replacement product within seconds.

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Improve customer satisfaction and drive revenue

Drive Incremental Revenue

Merchants receive a portion of each protection plan sale, which goes straight to your bottom line.

Lightning Fast Integration

Our APIs and eCommerce platform integrations mean minimal development work for your team. Have a question? Our solutions team is always available to help.

Tailored Coverage

Our plans are designed to provide customers with the coverage they need. Whether it’s mechanical or electrical failure, or even damage caused by an accident, we create the best solution for your customers.

Rapid Claims = Happy Customers

No more long waits on hold! Over 95% of claims are instantly resolved, turning an unhappy customer into a delighted one.

Repeat Customers

When a customer’s claim is approved, Extend sends them back to your website to get a replacement product. Extend then pays the merchant the full retail price for that product.

Analytics & Optimization

Extend’s platform uses machine learning to continually optimize the presentation and pricing of our protection plan offers to drive maximum revenue for our merchant partners.

Extend uses technology to modernize the warranty industry

Our platform was built to enable any merchant to offer protection plans – regardless of size. Seamlessly integrate with Extend using our robust APIs or eCommerce platform integrations. Our tech will then optimize your warranty offers in order to maximize your conversion rates and revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Extend make money?
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