Extend Shipping Protection

Make sure it gets there with Extend Shipping Protection.

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Reduced financial risk
We’ve got you from checkout to delivery
Extend takes on all liability, including replacement and shipping costs
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Co-marketing Support
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Average attach rate
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Easy integrations
Shipping boxes
Virtual claim filing reduces merchants' operational costs
When a package is lost, stolen, or damaged, Extend replaces it. Customers remain happy, merchants control costs. You strike fear into porch pirates everywhere.
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Protection Purchased
Customer purchases shipping protection.
doomed delivery
Loss, theft, or damage occurs.
No-hassle claims and simple replacements.
Protection Purchased
Customer purchases shipping protection.
Loss, theft, or damage occurs.
simple resolution
No-hassle claims and simple replacements.
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Extend Shipping Protection
Stop paying to fix doomed deliveries.
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You’ve got 900+ reasons to believe.
Our merchants are our partners. Indy had Short Round. Han had Chewie. We’ve got you. With over 900 trusted partnerships under our belt, we work hand in hand to deliver positive customer experiences and increased margins for merchants at all stages of growth.
Merchant Experience
Merchant experience
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When customers purchase shipping protection at checkout, Extend delivers additional profitability through higher average order values, increased conversions, and repeat customers.

Cost control

Eliminate replacement costs when a package is lost, stolen, or damaged in transit.

Outsource support

Offload support tickets and claims handling related to issue resolution.

Easy integration

Our technology is easy for merchants to implement and their customers to use.

Customer Experience
Customer experience

Extend offers customers brand confidence, hassle-free claims, and a no-hassle experience if they need to use their plan.

Brand confidence

Build trust by offering protection for shipping-related issues like package loss, damage, or theft.

No-hassle claim resolution

Improve the customer experience with 24/7 online support, no deductibles, and fast replacements.

Total coverage

No need to plan around the delivery truck’s schedule with package protection from store to door.

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Any product. Any industry. All good.

From furniture to fine jewelry, mattresses to motors, bikes and beyond, we cover it all.

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The proof is in the performance.

Attach rate
Our customers are protected, our customer service team is happier than ever, and we save millions of dollars in product replacement costs.
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Extend product protection
Protect what matters most.

Learn more about how Extend Product Protection motivates purchase decisions and improves your bottom line.

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