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Protect what matters most with Extend Product Protection.

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Brand confidence
Customers stay happy, and stay loyal.
70% of customers say Extend provides brand confidence
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Co-marketing Support
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incremental revenue lift
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Easy integrations
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Higher average order values = increased profitability
Why Product Protection?
When a product fails or is damaged accidentally, Extend repairs or replaces it. Customers buy again, merchants boost revenue on plans and new purchases. You brag to Linda in accounting.
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plan purchased
Customer purchases a plan online or in store.
Drops, spills, scratches, failure... it happens.
No-hassle claims and quick repair or replacement.
plan purchased
Customer purchases a plan online or in store.
accidental damage
Drops, spills, scratches, failure... it happens.
simple resolution
No-hassle claims and quick repair or replacement.
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Extend product protection
It’s almost like free money for making customers happy.
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You’ve got 900+ reasons to believe.
Our merchants are our partners. Indy had Short Round. Han had Chewie. We’ve got you. With over 900 trusted partnerships under our belt, we work hand in hand to deliver positive customer experiences and increased margins for merchants at all stages of growth.
Merchant experience
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Get more from every purchase. Extend boosts profitability with increased average order values, conversions, and repeat transactions.

Maximize revenue

Drive conversions, earn pure profit on plan sales, and keep customers coming back for more purchases.

Boost customer confidence

Offer protection plans online, in-store, and post-purchase to help customers buy with confidence.

Easy integration

Our technology is easy for merchants to implement and their customers to use.

Customer Experience
Customer experience

Extend offers customers brand confidence, hassle-free claims, and an overall delightful experience.

Brand trust

Build trust by offering protection for product failure or accidental damage like drops, spills, or scratches.

No-hassle claim resolution

Improve the customer experience with 24/7 online support, no deductibles, and fast repairs and replacements.

Delightful experiences

When customers enjoy your products, they’re more likely to become long-term brand advocates.

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Any product. Any industry. All good.

From furniture to fine jewelry, mattresses to motors, bikes and beyond, we cover it all.

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The proof is in the performance.

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associate trained by Extend in 90 days
Partnering with Extend Product Protection is a critical way we’re able to provide unparalleled customer experience no matter what happens to their favorite eyewear.
Wade Chouinard
Senior Product Manager
Extend Shipping Protection
Make sure it gets there.

Learn more about how Extend Shipping Protection builds trust and helps you control costs while reducing financial risk.

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Ready to get started?

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