Oura Case Study with Extend Product ProtectionOura Case Study with Extend Product Protection

ŌURA reduces customer acquisition cost by 10% with Extend co-marketing

Manufacturer & Retailer
475+ employees
decrease in customer acquisition costs

Extend partnered with us to develop and iterate on creative that both aligns with our brand and drives business outcomes. It’s consistently been a top-performing asset of ours.

Kellie Wesser
Kellie Wesser
Growth Marketing & Media Leader

ŌURA, a leading wearable technology company, launched co-branded Facebook and Instagram ads featuring Extend Product Protection messaging. The ŌURA team wanted to compare their impact and efficiency to its brand benchmarks.

The ad creative — which was designed at no cost for ŌURA by the Extend Marketing Studio — employed captivating visuals that captured consumers' attention and highlighted the benefits of Extend Product Protection.

The Extend ads addressed consumer concerns as part of the overall strategy to build trust and alleviate potential reservations associated with buying an Ōura Ring. The results were a 10% lower CAC than ŌURA’s benchmark.

The ads were so successful the ŌURA team kept them in market for 8+ months.