NZXT Extend Product Protection Case Study 2024NZXT Extend Product Protection Case Study 2024 Mobile

NZXT + Extend Co-branded Influencer Ad Drives 17.9x Return on Ad Spend

Consumer Electronics
Manufacturer & Retailer
201–500 employees
return on ad spend

Extend Product Protection messaging helps NZXT drive results

NZXT, a leading computer hardware company, launched a co-branded influencer video on TikTok featuring Extend Product Protection messaging. It was the first time NZXT featured product protection in its influencer videos. 

NZXT wanted a video that appealed to its customers while highlighting the benefits of Extend Product Protection.

The TikTok video performed well above average, driving a 17.9x return on ad spend. NZXT's results show that Extend co-branded ads can help consumers in the consideration stage complete a purchase. The peace of mind product protection offers helps drive conversion.

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