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TDG Adds Product Protection Messaging to Ad Strategy, Attracts and Convert Shoppers

Omnichannel Retailer
1,900 employees
increase in CTR on paid search
higher ROAS than brand benchmark

Extend Product Protection messaging is really resonating with those guests who have already seen our promotional assets. They're engaging with these assets.

Headshot of Stephanie Johnston, Director of Performance Marketing at TDG
Stephanie Johnston
Director of Performance Marketing at The Dufresne Group

The Dufresne Group Canada (TDG) is a household name when it comes to home furnishings. Guests expect next-level service and the best selection of furniture and home appliances whenever they visit any TDG location. While TDG associates are dedicated to providing a superior customer experience in-store, the brand also focuses on creating a unique and personalized experience for customers shopping online.

Last August, TDG turned to the Extend Marketing Studio for co-marketing support with paid digital, including search and display ads. The goal was to drive awareness of Extend Product Protection as a value-added service available to Dufresne guests. 

Extend provided suggested copy and design inspiration, and TDG created the ads and managed the campaigns. Stephanie Johnston, Director of Performance Marketing at TDG, managed the campaign rollout and leveraged Google’s AI for performance optimization over the campaign lifetime, which has run for more than 8 months. She said that responsive ads — which serve personalized ad content and formats based on the viewer, ad location, or other available data — have been a powerful option for driving engagement and informing customers about Extend. She said the co-branded ads were so effective that TDG saw a return on ad spend that was about 12% higher than their brand benchmark. 

TDG gains better understanding of audience, allocates portion of ad spend for Extend-focused messaging

Shortly after launching the Extend-focused ads using a portion of TDG’s existing ad budget, Johnston discovered an interesting insight. Their audience is familiar with a wide variety of engaging content, including ads that promote discounts or specific product price points. However, the results from the Extend ads showed that product protection messaging is capable of driving similar levels of engagement as their brand benchmark. This insight unlocks a new ad strategy that TDG can use to further attract and engage customers — that value-focused messaging can nurture their target audience into action.

“Extend Product Protection messaging is really resonating with those guests who have already seen our promotional assets,” Johnston said. “They know what we're offering, and they just need that extra little push to convert and make a purchase. They’re engaging with these assets.”

In addition to dynamic display ads, TDG added Extend Product Protection messaging to their dynamic paid search efforts, which deliver specific messaging depending on the viewer or search query. 

These co-branded ads drove an 8.7% higher click-through rate than the brand’s typical ads — a strong indication that product protection is a value-added service customers are looking for. Moreover, this performance supports the idea that product protection can help merchants nurture customers toward purchase just as well as, if not better than, more traditional discount or promotional messaging.

“We’re very excited to be able to layer this ad messaging into the other things we do and reach people how they need to be reached to help them convert,” Johnston said. “Not everyone's a promo customer. Or they might be, but something else needs to push them across the line. And Extend is a really great added value.”

Because of the Extend ads, Johnston and team gained a better understanding of their audience and can continue to explore segmented messaging that doesn’t have to be focused on discounts or promotions. Product protection messaging is now part of TDG’s digital media strategy, and they plan to keep it in rotation indefinitely with refreshed creative. 

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