Sunglasses sold by Jomashop and protected by Extend Shipping ProtectionSunglasses sold by Jomashop and protected by Extend Shipping Protection - mobile

Jomashop Adds Extend Shipping Protection to Open New Markets and Enhance Customer Satisfaction

51–200 employees
saved in shipping fulfillment costs
shipping protection attach rate

The implementation of Extend Shipping Protection has paid off not just in reduced operational costs, but also in building trust and loyalty among our customers.

Headshot of Osher Karnowsky, General Manager at Jomashop
Osher Karnowsky
General Manager

Jomashop adds fragrances, cosmetics, and sunglasses to its popular product line, meets new challenges

Jomashop is a widely recognized online retailer offering a large selection of luxury goods at competitive prices, including watches, jewelry, and accessories. Although the company has been around since 1999 and has seen great success thanks to a strong focus on selling premium watches, its entry into new product categories, including fragrances, cosmetics, and sunglasses, is relatively recent. Despite being a newer player in these categories, Jomashop has emerged as a top online seller by prioritizing a superior customer experience. 

The loyal customer base Jomashop has built over the years has helped the retailer understand the importance of a seamless and secure shopping experience. By partnering with Extend to offer shipping protection, Jomashop has elevated its customer experience to new heights, protected customers against delivery disasters, and strengthened its reputation as a trusted online retailer.

Extend Shipping Protection helps Jomashop build buying confidence and meet growing customer needs

Jomashop’s addition of Extend Shipping Protection complements its existing Extend Product Protection program, adding an additional layer of protection against package loss, damage, and theft during the delivery process. This both builds customer confidence and alleviates the operational burdens associated with shipping-related customer service issues.

Since launching Extend Shipping Protection, Jomashop has achieved an impressive attach rate of 36%, which represents the average amount of customer orders that include shipping protection.

"The response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive, significantly surpassing our initial expectations for both product and shipping protection," said Osher Karnowsky, General Manager at Jomashop. 

Thanks to Extend's technology-first handling of customer claims, Jomashop has significantly decreased its volume of customer service interactions, reduced chargebacks, and saved $600,000 in fulfillment costs to date. Most customer claims are handled by Extend’s 24/7 online claims assistant and processed in 90 seconds or less, meaning that customer service representatives can focus their time more on sales or other brand priorities.

"This shift has enabled our team to dedicate more time to enhancing sales strategies and customer engagement," Karnowsky said.

Jomashop targets a younger demographic by leveraging peace of mind

The introduction of Extend Shipping Protection has enabled Jomashop to quickly gain traction and increase conversions in the highly competitive fragrance and sunglasses markets.

Expanding into new product categories has also helped Jomashop appeal to a younger demographic that was previously difficult to reach. Now with the added peace of mind that Extend brings, Jomashop has not only expanded its market, but also positioned itself for future growth. 

"Entering new product markets with fragrances, cosmetics, and sunglasses has been a game-changer for us, attracting a younger customer base," Karnowsky said. 

Moreover, shipping protection has proven to be a profitable value-added service that enhances customer satisfaction and buying confidence.

“The implementation of Extend Shipping Protection has paid off not just in reduced operational costs, but also in building trust and loyalty among our customers," Karnowsky said. The appeal of shipping protection is particularly strong among Gen Z customers, who value security and transparency, helping Jomashop capture this important market segment.

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