Voro Motors Product Protection Case StudyVoro Motors Product Protection Case Study

Voro Motors Increases Revenue by 261% With Shift in Extend Shipping Protection Sales Strategy

Bikes, Scooters, Skateboards
51–200 employees
shipping protection attach rate increase
boost in shipping protection sales
increase in total revenue

Voro Motors’ switch to an opt-out strategy demonstrated a clear customer desire for value-added shipping protection, with nearly half of all customers choosing to purchase it.

Addressing a growing demand for Voro Motors e-scooters 

Just a few decades ago, the market for electric scooters was virtually nonexistent. But in recent years, sales of two-wheeled electric vehicles have skyrocketed as more and more people have sought an environmentally friendly way to commute.

Voro Motors, a popular electric scooter manufacturer known for a strong commitment to positive customer experiences, has seen an uptick in product demand over the past few years.

While the rise in demand for Voro Motors’ e-scooters is a great thing for business, it also means greater risk in one of the most difficult areas to control: product shipping and delivery. Always striving toward the best possible outcome for their customers, the team at Voro Motors turned to Extend to gain some control over this fragile stage of the customer journey.

Meeting a customer need for added protection during delivery

Voro Motors originally began as a retailer in Singapore, but local regulations forced them to expand internationally and lean into greater growth opportunities by focusing on high-quality products, innovative designs, and premium customer service. To ensure customers were getting the greatest value possible, Voro Motors partnered with Extend to offer product protection for accidental damage. 

To go a step further, Voro Motors also added Extend Shipping Protection to protect customers as soon as they purchase an electric scooter online. The cost-effective shipping protection covers Voro Motors packages in the event of damage, loss, or theft throughout the shipping process. Customers who add it to their carts gain peace of mind that their high-value products will arrive without issue. If any Voro Motors package is damaged or lost during the shipping process, customers can file a simple service request for hassle-free replacements with no added fees. Customers with approved service requests are then sent a virtual card to use as payment for a replacement product, providing an immediate solution that improves customer satisfaction and boosts Voro Motors’ repeat purchase rate.

A shift in strategy to increase attachment

As Voro Motors began selling Extend Shipping Protection, attach rate — the percentage of customers who added shipping protection to their purchase — started to climb. However, attachment plateaued after three months, at about 16%. 

To encourage attachment and increase shipping protection sales, Extend recommended that Voro Motors shift strategies  to a pre-checked approach. The original opt-in strategy required customers to manually add Extend to their purchase, while a pre-checked strategy means shipping protection is automatically added to a new purchase at checkout, and customers can choose to remove it if they wish. The difference in results was like sweating up a hill using only leg power and cruising over steep inclines with an electric motor.

Higher attach rate, higher revenue, happier customers

Voro Motors’ switch to a pre-checked strategy demonstrated a clear customer desire for value-added shipping protection, with nearly half of all customers choosing to purchase it. Attach rate jumped to 49% over the next three months — a 205% increase over their opt-in period — leading to a 447% increase in total contract sales. The spikes in attachment and contract sales led to a whopping 261% boost in revenue for Voro Motors.

Beyond the increases in attachment, contract sales, and revenue, Voro Motors now has greater control over an expensive cost center, saving thousands of dollars in overhead and operational costs related to resolving shipping and delivery issues. Most of all, by making Extend Shipping Protection the default value-add option for every customer, Voro Motors is living up to their commitment to building trust and providing a next-level customer experience.

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