Evolve Skateboards Case StudyEvolve Skateboards Case Study

Evolve Skateboards drives incremental revenue and gives customers peace of mind with Extend

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Incremental Revenue
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Evolve Skateboards, a leader in the electric skateboard industry, creates an unparalleled riding experience for their customers around the world by implementing a mechanical set up that attaches to a quality longboard.
Evolve approached Extend looking to drive additional revenue and provide their customers with a sense of security when purchasing their products.

Why Extend?

As a product that’s used daily, electric skateboards are at a higher risk of breaking than most.
Evolve partnered with Extend to give their customers peace of mind, which would ultimately allow them to feel more confident making a purchase decision.

Extend manages all claims and turns a historically difficult and taxing process into a seamless and efficient one through the implementation of convenient touchpoints and fast processing.

All of this, coupled with the fact that it costs nothing to go live, made Extend the perfect solution for Evolve’s needs.