Boogie Boards Product Protection Case StudyBoogie Boards Product Protection Case Study

Boogie Board™ increased their revenue and conversion rates with Extend

Manufacturer & Retailer
51-200 employees
Overall attach rate
Increase in conversion rate
Increase in revenue

“One of the best things about Extend is how easy it is to set up and use. We were up and running in a few weeks, and once it was live it was humming along smoothly in the background. I can quickly pull reports and review performance whenever I need, and don’t have to dedicate time throughout my day to managing Extend on our site. It’s been an asset to our business.”

Dean Bianchi
Dean Bianchi
Digital Programs Manager, Kent Displays Inc.

Redefining writing and drawing for kids and adults

Boogie Board™, made by Kent Displays Inc., launched back in 2009 with the first reusable writing tablet using liquid crystal technology. In the years since, they’ve expanded into selling toys and activities for kids as well as adult stationary products, and have sold millions of tablets and products in 40 countries worldwide. With innovative technology and design, Boogie Board™ is redefining the writing and drawing experience and helping kids and adults bring their ideas to life.

To ensure the best possible customer experience and provide the best customer support for those occasional accidents that happen as a result of tablets being portable and frequently used, Boogie Board™ started to look into product protection to cover the products their customers love and use every day.

In need of long-term protection for heavily-used, portable devices

While Boogie Board™ offers a manufacturer’s warranty, they recognized a need to offer extended coverage to protect their customers’ tablets even when drops, cracks, and other mishaps happen. Boogie Board™ started to look into product protection providers, but were put off by how much of a heavy lift they would require of Boogie Board™ to implement and manage on their own. As a small team, they needed a partner who would work with them to get them live quickly and would offer tools to make day-to-day operations efficient. They soon discovered that Extend was a perfect fit for their goals and internal resources.

The unparalleled benefits of Extend

Ease of setup, ease of use

For Dean Bianchi, Digital Programs Manager at Kent Displays Inc., the process of getting started with Extend was one of the smoothest he’s experienced with a third-party vendor. “The simplicity of Extend was a huge selling point for us,” Dean said. “As a Shopify merchant, we used the Extend app to connect our store to Extend. We worked with Extend’s Merchant Success team to map plans to the products we wanted to cover, and we were live within a few weeks. It was a really painless process.”

After going live, Dean found it simple to add more products to their site and have Extend sync and map plans to those new products. He also feels that Extend “just runs itself” and doesn’t require him to constantly check in and maintain it, freeing him up to work on other projects and business needs. 

Online claims improve the customer experience

Boogie Board™ customers who purchase an Extend product protection plan can file a claim online at any time with Kaley, Extend’s virtual claims assistant. When Dean was exploring product protection providers, no one else offered the streamlined claims experience that Extend offers, and claims would have to be handled by Boogie Board™’s customer service team. 

As a small-but-growing business, this would not only be a strain on Boogie Board™’s resources, but wouldn’t provide the best-in-class service Boogie Board™ is passionate about providing to their customers. But with Extend, Boogie Board™ customers can file a claim 24/7 with Kaley and receive a resolution in minutes, leaving Boogie Board™’s customer service team open to providing support in other ways and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Responsive merchant support

From our first meeting to post-implementation, the team at Extend worked closely alongside Dean to ensure we understood Boogie Board™’s needs and to get them live with Extend, fast. “Extend has been great to work with. Onboarding, go-live — everything has been straightforward with no hiccups. We’ve reached out a couple of times with questions and always get quick answers. Extend has been one of the most supportive teams we’ve had the pleasure of working with.”

Giving customers peace of mind and building brand confidence

13.5% overall attach rate, 29% increase in conversion rate

Since going live, Boogie Board has seen a 29% increase in conversion rate, which Extend has helped drive in addition to other internal initiatives. Boogie Board has also achieved an overall attach rate of 13.5% and has seen an increase in revenue now that they’re generating incremental revenue from each plan sold.

With Extend, Boogie Board is increasing consumer confidence in their brand and giving customers peace of mind to purchase, knowing their tablets and other products are covered even through accidents and mishaps. Whether on the go, at home, or wherever life takes them and their tablets, Boogie Board customers know they’re in good hands with Extend.