Baby Brezza Product Protection Case StudyBaby Brezza Product Protection Case Study

Baby Brezza increases AOV by 15% and Builds Brand Affinity with Comprehensive Product Protection

75 employees
Overall increase in site-wide conversion
Attach rate increase

“Extend helps us build a stronger relationship with our customers by offering a warranty service that matches our product quality. Before, we were giving our customers a great appliance. Now, with Extend, we’re also giving them comprehensive damage protection.”

David Contract
David Contract
Marketing Team Lead at Baby Brezza

Providing an exceptional customer experience for time-strapped parents

Baby Brezza’s innovative products save busy parents time—on average thirty minutes a day! With products centered on making their customers’ lives easier, it’s important that their online experience mirror the ease-of-use and simplicity of their product designs. But between toddlers and busy, sleep-deprived parents, sometimes things get broken. When Baby Brezza decided they wanted to offer accidental damage warranties on their products, they needed a partner who wouldn’t make things complicated or time-consuming for their customers.

Delivering value-add to customers without creating more work internally

Baby Brezza already had a process for their manufacturer’s warranty, but decided to turn to an outside partner for product protection support. As a lean team, they felt it was better to focus their internal resources on customers and product innovation and rely on a solid product protection provider for warranties.

For Baby Brezza, it was non-negotiable that their third-party partner be credible, have longevity, and be a leader in the space. If a company providing accidental damage protection to their customers couldn’t be depended on, it could become a liability and put their brand at risk. Baby Brezza carefully vetted Extend and felt that it checked every box they were looking for in an insurance provider.

The unparalleled benefits of Extend

Fast and easy implementation

David Contract, Marketing Team Lead at Baby Brezza, loved how little effort was required to get Extend live on Baby Brezza’s site. “Extend has a turnkey solution with Shopify that’s simple to turn on. We were up and running with ease and with little development time. Our development team has a lot on its plate, and this allowed their resources to go towards different initiatives.”

Differentiating the purchase experience from third-party retailers

One of the ways Baby Brezza drives growth is by delivering a best-in-class website experience. While they sell their products through retail partners, the accidental protection warranty through Extend is only available at This gives their customers more of a reason to buy directly from Baby Brezza instead of going through another retailer, and empowers Baby Brezza to deliver better customer support than a third-party marketplace can offer without Extend. For Contract, this is a key value-add. “We give consumers the chance to buy our products at larger retailers, but we make sure that the best-in-class destination is our website, first and foremost.”

Owning the customer relationship and post-purchase experience

Extend enables Baby Brezza to have more ownership over their customers’ post-purchase experience. The post-purchase emails that offer warranty add-ons create additional touchpoints with their customers where they can cross-sell them into additional product lines. Says Contract of the Extend accidental protection offering, “By giving our customers more of what they want, we can build more affinity for our brand and our website.”

Generating additional revenue and strengthening brand trust with Extend

Attach rate of 8.8%, AOV increased by 15%

Since partnering with Extend, Baby Brezza has been able to generate more revenue through Extend’s revenue share model. Additionally, their overall attach rate has increased to 8.8%, which has provided another nice stream of revenue. Product protection has proved popular with Baby Brezza’s customers — the company’s AOV on orders that include the warranty have increased by +15%, resulting in an overall increase in site-wide conversion.

With Extend, Baby Brezza has been able to maintain their customer-first focus while improving the customer experience by offering product protection on the items busy parents rely on day after day. That peace of mind strengthens brand trust and keeps their customers coming back, but most importantly allows moms and dads to focus on what matters most — Baby Brezza and Extend will handle the rest.

"Extend is the gold standard in accidental damage protection and extended warranties. They deliver a comprehensive, credible, high-quality service that plugs right into Shopify and makes it easy to support your customers with the product protection they want."

David Contract
Marketing Team Lead at Baby Brezza