So Clean Product Protection Case StudySo Clean Product Protection Case Study

SoClean increases revenue by more than 150% with product protection from Extend

1-200 employees
Increase in revenue
Increase in attach rate
Overall attach rate

“Extend is a phenomenal company, a phenomenal partner, and they make it very easy to get up and running.”

Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson
VP of Customer Support and Sales, SoClean

Extending Customer Care into the Post-Purchase Process

Sleep apnea is prevalent among Americans. One of the most recommended ways to manage it is through using a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine. But fully cleaning those machines on a regular basis can be difficult and ineffective — at least, without SoClean.

SoClean’s innovative line of products helps consumers keep their sleep equipment clean without having to take it apart and clean each piece one by one. 

With a mission to help customers take the best possible care of themselves and their families, the customer experience is a top priority for SoClean — especially if something were to go wrong with their devices. So they began evaluating extended warranty programs that would give customers an easy path to resolution.

Extended Warranties a Win-Win for SoClean Revenue and Customers

The SoClean team initially saw extended warranties as a nice-to-have. But COVID-19 impacts to the business — resulting from temporary sleep-center closings across the country — created a greater sense of urgency. 

Extend makes it simple for SoClean to drive additional incremental revenue while also providing their customers with a value-added service.

“This was a segment of our business that we knew would have an immediate impact,” says Chris Thompson, VP of Customer Support and Sales.

The Unparalleled Benefits of Extend 

After evaluating Extend and another product protection plan provider, SoClean chose Extend as a partner because they trust Extend to give them and their customers an unrivaled service experience. 

“We’ve been working with Extend since November 2019, and it’s been a phenomenal partnership,” says Chris. “We partner with Extend on every product that we sell.”

Unmatched technical resources for simple implementation

Like so many other brands today, tight internal resources — particularly in the early months of COVID-19 — made adding a new ecommerce integration overwhelming. 

“During our initial rollout, we were struggling with internal resources needed to achieve the timelines we were aiming for,” says Chris.

But Extend was there to help. 

“Extend not only helped us with technical resources, they worked with us side by side every day and helped us launch plans online. It was a relatively light lift for us, courtesy of the resources that Extend offered us,” he says. 

“Without the resources and expertise Extend provided, we'd still be working on it.”

A trusted partnership focused on merchant success 

Extend serves as a trusted partner to our merchants.

“The people part is my favorite part, personally. We have a great working relationship and they’re very responsive,” Chris says. “Anytime we need something, it’s a phone call away.” 

When SoClean originally launched Extend warranty plans, they wanted to test the performance of each customer facing offer. They started out with just the Product Display Page (PDP) offer, but after a couple of weeks saw just moderate success. 

“Extend suggested we make some additional changes to enhance the user experience and position Extend plans throughout the customer journey,” says Chris.

Collaborating with Extend to turn on the Extend Modal offer immediately created an increase in both attach rate and revenue.

“Once we implemented the new modal suggested by Extend, we increased our attach rate by 109% immediately.”

Meeting customer expectations and adding peace of mind

As an extension of its merchants’ brands, Extend’s core benefit is delivering the best customer experience in the product protection industry. 

“It’s an expectation that most consumers have today. If you’re not offering it, it’s a missed opportunity — not only for you, but for your customers. It’s a win-win-win.” 

Because it’s not just about the incremental revenue. Customers buy products — and from companies — they trust. Chris says he and his team have heard great feedback from customers around being able to purchase a plan — and most importantly, what happens when they actually make a claim.

“The protection plan extends the life of the customer’s investment in our product and provides them with peace of mind. That’s a good customer experience.”

SoClean’s Extended Warranty Offering Leads to 1.5x Increase in Revenue

For many years, SoClean was a one-product company, which prompted the desire for an additional incremental revenue stream. Today, they also offer product protection through Extend on the new products they added in 2020 and 2021.

With an attach rate of 20.1%, Extend protection plans have become a significant part of SoClean’s offering. Since partnering with Extend, the company has increased its revenue by 1.5x, or 167%. 

“At the end of the day, anything you can offer customers at the point of sale is going to drive incremental revenue and impact the bottom line. It’s good for our customers, and it provides incremental revenue that we’re capturing that we didn’t have before.”