Hauslane goes live with Extend in less than 1 week, increases attach rate by 15%

Household Appliances
11-50 employees
attach rate increase
sales w/ protection plans
<1 week

“Extend has been a great match for us. They provide us with an unmatched partnership we wouldn’t have with any other product protection provider, and understand and respond to our business needs. From their technical support to their marketing resources, there’s no one else like Extend on the market.”

Eric He
Eric He
Marketing Coordinator, Hauslane

Modernizing the central hub of the home

There’s nothing quite like the scent of a home-cooked meal. But all the joy of a home cooking experience can go up in smoke if your kitchen doesn’t have proper ventilation. That’s where Hauslane comes in.

Hauslane is a kitchen appliance company that aims to design a better home cooking experience with modern products that are durable, affordable, and made with innovative technology. The brand specializes in high-end, accessible range hoods that are both functional and fit the look and feel of any kitchen.

While most homeowners don’t need a new range hood every year, Hauslane recognized an opportunity to improve the customer experience by offering extended protection against product failure.

Finding a Shopify partner with top-tier support

In addition to selling on their Shopify-powered website, Hauslane products are also sold on Amazon. Those customers who purchase a Hauslane product on Amazon have the option to add product protection through Amazon, as well. According to Eric He, Marketing Coordinator at Hauslane, they wanted to bring the same level of customer protection to those who purchase directly on the Hauslane website.

“We’re putting a lot of investment in our own store on Shopify,” Eric said. “Amazon offers a third-party service that our Shopify store didn’t have when we began to expand our sales channels.”

Hauslane initially partnered with a product protection provider that, at the time, was also a Shopify partner, which suggested an easy partnership that would help Hauslane drive both sales and customer satisfaction. However, after getting started with this provider, Hauslane discovered the relationship would be far from easy.

“We installed their app, and we probably had one kickoff meeting,” Eric said. “And then after that, we were on our own.”

Hauslane needed a product protection partner that would assist with setup and help them optimize their program to maximize both customer and merchant value. Fortunately, Extend joined the Shopify ecosystem and became a Shopify Plus partner in April 2022. When Hauslane learned about Extend and the value of its customer-centered product protection that processes most claims in 90 seconds or less, they decided to make the switch. 

The unparalleled benefits of Extend

Fast implementation using the Shopify app

Once Eric and the Hauslane team decided Extend was a better fit for their product protection needs than the original provider they selected, it wasn’t long before they were able to begin selling plans on their website. In fact, it was mere days before Hauslane was up and running with Extend.

“Once we settled agreements and all the warranty terms and conditions for the technical go-live — we were live within a week. We were pretty impressed.” Eric said.

Eric credits Hauslane’s quick, hassle-free implementation to the Extend app on Shopify, plus the dedicated support they received from Extend’s implementation team.

Unmatched customer support

One of the leading benefits Hauslane has recognized from their time with Extend is the dedicated support they’ve received. Eric said that from the moment Hauslane decided to partner with Extend, they’ve been impressed with how Extend services and values their partnership.

“Extend had developers helping us integrate [the protection plan program], make it live, and make sure everything was all right before we could launch,” Eric said. “Onboarding was great; we were happy with the technical support.”

Driving results with industry-leading co-marketing resources

Since going live, Hauslane has partnered with Extend’s in-house co-marketing team to drive awareness of their new protection plan offering. Together, they launched a series of Facebook ads, an email campaign, and banner messages on Hauslane’s existing email campaigns to generate interest.

Eric said that as a result of Hauslane’s co-marketing efforts with Extend, they’ve seen a positive return on ad spend. He also said their experience working with the Extend co-marketing team was helpful and informative.

“The co-marketing team is very responsive,” Eric said. “They provide all the media assets that we need.”

Sample Facebook ad created by Extend’s Co-Marketing team for Hauslane.

An increased attach rate and newfound sales growth

15% increase in plan attach rate, 50% more product sales with Extend protection plans than Hauslane’s first protection plan provider

After making the switch to Extend — and going live in less than a week—  Hauslane has seen an impressive 15% increase in product protection plan attach rate vs. the original provider they had selected. Eric said they’re pleased with the results so far but that they’re excited to see more growth over the course of Hauslane’s relationship with Extend.

Compared to performance with their previous protection plan provider, Hauslane has also seen a 50% increase in product sales when product protection plans are added to the purchase.

With Extend, Hauslane has been able to increase their website-driven product protection plan sales. As a result, they’ve diversified their sales channels and brought customers greater peace of mind when they purchase a high-quality range hood from