Felix Gray Shipping Protection Case StudyFelix Gray Shipping Protection Case Study

Felix Gray Adopts Pre-Checked Feature for Extend Shipping Protection, Increases Attach Rate & Revenue

11–50 employees

By streamlining our shipping issue resolution process, we not only achieved an increase in sales for Shipping Protection but also delivered an exceptional customer experience. The increased efficiency not only saved valuable time but also strengthened our customer relationships through improved service quality.

Paige Connell
Paige Connell
Head of Operations, The Hedgehog Company

Standing out with value-added protection for shipping issues

Today's ecommerce customers are looking for a seamless and secure shopping experience — including package delivery. Instances of lost, stolen, or damaged items during the shipping process are on the rise, and they’re a major source of frustration for customers and merchants alike.

Felix Gray, a popular eyewear provider known for their selection of innovative blue light glasses, expanded their partnership with Extend to offer shipping protection for customers. Shipping protection mitigates the potential financial loss and inconvenience caused by lost, stolen, or damaged packages. It instills confidence in customers, encouraging them to make purchases without the worry of unforeseen shipping mishaps. Moreover, merchants who offer shipping protection demonstrate a commitment to customer satisfaction and build a reputation for reliability and accountability.

From opt-in to pre-checked

Felix Gray initially introduced Extend Shipping Protection as an opt-in feature, requiring customers to actively add it to their purchase. While this approach brought positive results, the transition to a pre-checked strategy unlocked even greater revenue potential for Felix Gray.

By implementing the pre-checked approach, Extend Shipping Protection is automatically added to customer purchases — unless they actively opt out. This subtle yet impactful shift transformed shipping protection from an optional add-on to an incredibly affordable default feature, giving customers the peace of mind they need without any extra effort.

The results: higher attach rate, higher revenue

The pre-checked period led to impressive growth in attachment, showcasing how valuable shipping protection is to everyday shoppers.

Felix Gray’s attach rate for shipping protection — the percentage of customers who purchase shipping protection — jumped to 40%, reflecting customers' growing trust and preference for added security from store to door. This naturally led to a dramatic 1,200% increase in shipping protection sales over the initial opt-in period.

The transition to the pre-checked approach propelled Felix Gray’s performance, indicating the significant revenue potential that shipping protection unlocked. Felix Gray is well-positioned to generate additional revenue, control operational costs for shipping-related issues, and elevate the customer experience.

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