Felix Gray increased their attach rate and abandoned cart email conversion by 200% and 250%, respectively, with Extend

11-50 employees

“Extend is the full package. From evaluating to onboarding, from go-live to post-launch, Extend is making sure you’re gaining the most from your partnership and actually benefiting from it. The ongoing, responsive support and co-marketing initiatives have been really powerful, game-changing assets for our business and most importantly, our customers.”

Bobby Shomrony
Bobby Shomrony
Vice President of Sales Operations & Strategy, Felix Gray

Quality blue light protection at an affordable price

For very many of us, our work days are spent staring at a screen and our free time is spent staring at a phone or TV. That’s a lot of strain on your eyes and even more exposure to blue light. Back in 2015, Felix Gray recognized a need for high-quality blue light-filtering glasses that didn’t cost hundreds of dollars at the optometrist. After extensive research and design, Felix Gray introduced blue light glasses made from thoughtfully-sourced materials that are as effective as they are aesthetically pleasing — with clear lenses that filter 15x more blue light than other brands and amber lenses that filter 23x more.

However, glasses are prone to finding themselves in the middle of all sorts of accidents: drops, chips, kicks, popped lenses, stretching, and general wear and tear. So Felix Gray, always in search of ways to improve the customer experience, decided it was time to start offering protection on their products.  

In need of holistic, comprehensive product protection

At first, Felix Gray worked with their lenses manufacturer to secure a one-year manufacturer’s warranty on the lenses, but were unable to secure the same for their frames. According to Bobby Shomrony, Vice President of Sales Operations & Strategy at Felix Gray, this created confusion and frustration for customers.

“Internally, I know that frames and lenses are considered two separate entities, but customers don’t view it that way. So it made for a poor customer experience when customers experienced issues with their frames — which occur more often than issues with lenses — and learned they weren’t covered by the one-year warranty.”

As ecommerce trends began to shift over time, Felix Gray began to notice that customers weren’t just asking if their products were covered by a manufacturer’s warranty, but if Felix Gray offered extended product protection.

Felix Gray decided to pursue a product protection partner and, after doing a comprehensive comparison of different providers, found Extend to be the best match for their business needs.

The unparalleled benefits of Extend

Unmatched customer support and a streamlined go-live experience

For Bobby, one of the strongest differentiators that set Extend apart from the competition is our communication and partnership with our merchants. “The team at Extend has been incredible. From our main point of contact to the technical team members, we feel very supported in every aspect, whether it’s getting help with claims adjudication, technical assistance, or any question under the sun,” Bobby said.

“Being able to rely on getting an answer or a problem troubleshot almost immediately was not only helpful during onboarding, but continues to be helpful today.”

Prior to partnering with Extend, Felix Gray transitioned their site onto Shopify, which enabled them to use the Shopify App to go live with Extend. With the support of the team at Extend, coupled with the ease of use of integrating with the Shopify App, Felix Gray went live with Extend in 35 days. “After we launched on Shopify, our first add-on app and partnership was with Extend — that’s how much we prioritized the initiative and believed in the potential of adding product protection for our customers and the benefits that come along with it,” Bobby said.

Effective, results-driven co-marketing campaigns

After going live with Extend, Felix Gray partnered with our co-marketing team to create co-branded marketing assets to help drive greater revenue. Together, they launched a campaign which sent customers to an FAQ page on Felix Gray’s site, which included a “Shop Now” CTA.

The page delivered a 9.7% conversion rate — quadruple the site’s overall conversion rate of 2.4%.

Additionally, Felix Gray A/B tested Extend-branded banners in their abandon cart emails, to foster peace of mind with Extend product protection and encourage shoppers to return to their carts and check out.

The emails with Extend’s banner delivered a 250% to 300% higher conversion rate — for new customers and returning customers, respectively — than the emails without Extend’s product protection messaging.

As a result, Felix Gray added the Extend email banner to all of their abandon cart emails.

A streamlined, customer-centric claims experience

Felix Gray’s customers have been so pleased with the ease of filing claims with Kaley, Extend’s virtual claims specialist, that they’ve been sharing positive feedback with Felix Gray.

“The thing we hear the most is just how easy it is to file a claim with the automated attributes of Kaley."

"No back and forth emails, no need to call. Today, everyone’s looking for self-service and ease of use, so our customers love the experience of filing a claim and knowing it’s not this complicated situation where you need to fill out a form and wait to hear back,” Bobby said. “With Extend, it’s a near-instantaneous process that’s done in two to three minutes, at most.” 

Product protection that’s driving meaningful business growth

200% increase in attach rate, overall attach rate of 19.3%

Immediately after going live with Extend, Felix Gray saw an increase in AOV. However, they only launched with the in-cart offer and wanted to figure out which offer placements would drive the greatest results. After consulting with Extend, they optimized their online offers and added an interstitial modal placement within the lens and frame customization process, after the customer finishes selecting their frame style, color, and lens type.

The results were huge. The modal increased their attach rate by 200%, taking the rate from around 2-3% to 8-9%. They’ve since achieved an overall attach rate of 19.3%.

Of the total number of protection plans Felix Gray has sold since partnering with Extend, 60% of them have been since they optimized their online offerings and added the interstitial modal. They also saw a significant increase in AOV.

With Extend, Felix Gray has opened up a new revenue stream and is driving significant and impactful business growth. Their customers are enjoying a simplified claims experience that puts them first and makes glasses repair or replacement an easy process — crucial for people who rely on glasses to see and to live.

Life happens. Extend is there to make things easier when it does.