SoClean sees incredible growth after adding the Extend Modal into the customer journey!

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SoClean, originally known for its popular sleep equipment maintenance device, the SoClean 2, now proudly offers a whole line of health technology products. SoClean’s innovative line of products does the dirty work, so you can take the best possible care of yourself and your family. SoClean has a strong reputation for providing great customer support, which was one of the key reasons why they chose to partner with Extend. SoClean wanted to ensure that, should something go wrong with their devices, their customers would have an easy path to navigate to getting things resolved. They chose Extend as a partner because they knew Extend’s customer experience was unrivaled in the industry. As an extension of its partners’ brands, Extend’s core benefit is delivering the best customer experience in the extended warranty industry.

The Value of the Extend Model

When SoClean originally launched Extend warranty plans, they wanted to test the performance of each customer facing offer. They started out with just the Product Display Page (PDP) offer and after a couple of weeks, were not satisfied with the results. In collaborating with Extend, they turned on the Extend Modal and immediately saw an increase in both Attach Rate and Revenue. The Attach Rate increased by 109% and at the same time their revenue increased by 167%!

"Extend is more than a vendor, they are a trusted partner. During our initial roll out, we were struggling with internal resources needed to achieve the timelines we were aiming for. Extend not only helped us with technical resources, they worked with us side by side every day and helped us launch Extend plans online. This was a segment of our business that we knew would have an immediate impact and without the resources and expertise Extend provided, we'd still be working on it. When we launched the Extend plans on our website, we were seeing moderate success. Extend suggested we make some additional changes to enhance the user experience and position Extend plans throughout the customer journey. Once we implemented a new modal suggested by Extend, we increased our attach rate by 109% immediately. Our decision to rely on Extend's expertise and guidance has impacted our sales performance more than any other decision we made this year."
VP, Customer Care & Inside Sales, SoClean
Chris Thompson