NewAir has driven an 11% attach rate with Extend protection plans after integrating in under 5 days.

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Household Appliances
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NewAir is one of the most trusted names in compact appliances. With products ranging from wine coolers to heating units, their products span across an array of household appliances. NewAir is committed to delivering an impeccable customer experience alongside their high quality products, which is why they decided to choose Extend as their protection plan provider.

Why Extend?

NewAir partnered with Extend because they knew that Extend provides the best customer experience in the warranty industry. As an extension of the NewAir brand, Extend matches NewAir in focusing on customer satisfaction. Additionally, Extend keeps NewAir’s customers within the NewAir ecosystem by sending them back to NewAir’s website during the claims process to buy a replacement product. This provides NewAir with guaranteed revenue during a claim filing, incremental revenue during repurchasing, and a high level of customer retention and engagement. All this with no integration fee and less than a week to go live made Extend an obvious choice for NewAir.

"It’s easy to see why Extend is the best protection plan option for us. Extend helps us increase customer loyalty and engagement while driving additional revenue to our business during the replacement process. Since partnering with them, we haven’t looked back!"
EVP of Finance & Operations, NewAir
Hilton Blieden