TYME drives incremental revenue and uplevels the post-purchase customer experience with Extend

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“Partnering with Extend is a no-brainer. It’s a major value-add for our customers and helps build confidence in our brand. We sell high-end products and our customers deserve high-end service — with Extend, they’re in good hands and can trust they’ll be taken care of.”

Gabe Munz
Gabe Munz

Cultivating a customer-first brand ethos

For TYME, the customer experience is their north star. The global hair care brand creates cutting edge hair tools and has implemented various value-adds to keep their customers connected with and supported by the brand. From free, live, one-on-one video chat styling sessions to a responsive and engaged social media presence, TYME is committed to owning the post-purchase experience. Always on the lookout for ways to introduce greater value-adds to their customers, TYME began to consider how to offer more comprehensive coverage on their hair care tools.

Recognizing an opportunity to increase value-added services and generate revenue

Initially, TYME only offered a one-year manufacturer warranty on their products but wanted to offer coverage that would protect their customers’ tools from common instances of damage. As a frequently used, everyday item, customers often experienced accidental damage from traveling with their tools, using them in the bathroom and exposing them to water damage, or dropping them.

To ensure that TYME provides their customers with the very best service and solutions to their problems, the company will replace damaged products even if they’re outside of the 30-day return period and one-year warranty. However, they needed a way to recoup the costs incurred by covering these products outside of the manufacturer warranty.

Extend happened to reach out just as TYME began searching for a way to cover their customers’ tools and generate additional revenue. It quickly became obvious to TYME that product protection with Extend was the solution they were looking for.

The unparalleled benefits of Extend

Gabe Munz, CTO at TYME, was impressed with the support TYME received from Extend and our open and responsive communication. “I looked into other product protection providers and didn’t see anyone that offered the ease of use and level of service that Extend did,” Gabe said. “Extend made implementation simple and smooth, and everyone from Sales to Support Engineering was there for us at every step.”

TYME implemented the Extend offer via the pop-up PDP on their product pages as well as in-cart, and liked how simple it is for customers to add product protection to their purchase at more than one step in the customer journey. Extend also helped free up time for TYME’s customer service team thanks to Kaley, Extend’s virtual claims specialist. Customers can file a claim themselves online, anytime, and most claims are resolved within minutes, enabling the customer service team to turn their attention to other customer needs.

With Extend, TYME is no longer eating the cost of product replacements made after their one-year manufacturer warranty has passed. They’re now able to offer one, two, and three-year product protection plans which cover the damage their customers incur the most — from drops to water damage — while generating incremental revenue with every plan sold. 

“If your business sells products that can be covered by product protection, it makes complete sense to partner with Extend. A lot of the time with product protection providers, there are ‘gotchas’ for the customer and the merchant, and there just isn’t any of that with Extend. It’s such a good value-add for our customers and makes financial sense for us. We’re able to cover our customers’ tools while bringing in revenue that goes straight to our bottom line.” — Gabe Munz, CTO, TYME

More comprehensive coverage, more revenue, even happier customers

Tens of thousands generated in revenue, 50.36% increase in AOV

Since partnering with Extend, TYME has generated tens of thousands of dollars in revenue through Extend’s revenue share model. They’ve also increased their AOV by 50.36% as a result of customers now adding protection plans to their hair tools, and have achieved an overall attach rate of 5.2%.

TYME has established itself as an industry leader in the hair tools space, thanks to their high-quality products and commitment to their customer-first brand ethos. With Extend, they’re owning the post-purchase experience to create even stronger, more lasting relationships with their customers, while generating incremental revenue which goes straight to their bottom line. TYME’s customers can rest easy knowing that their frequently-used, everyday hair tools are now covered against accidental damage.