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Extend and Partnership Enables Businesses of All Sizes to Protect the Products Their Customers Love — All While Driving Incremental Revenue

Sohila Sandher
July 15, 2022

Partnerships are important to us here at Extend. We’re passionate about helping all ecommerce agencies, platforms, and technology partners that sell to merchants by enabling them to unlock additional revenue and improve customer experiences and relationships. 

We’re working to innovate not just the product protection industry, but the ecommerce landscape by empowering merchants to own their post-purchase experience and build long-term connections with their customers. 

Extend + A powerful partnership in ecommerce

So when we partnered with, the first end-to-end ecommerce solutions provider built to help brands grow and thrive online, we knew our common goals would make us a great team.

The suite of software and services helps brands attract new customers, increase profitability, and simplify their operations.

Our strategic partnership advances’s mission to democratize ecommerce by giving brands of all sizes access to best-in-class product protection technology, previously only available to some of the world’s largest online retailers. 

Customers of brands on now have access to Extend’s modern, streamlined product protection, giving them peace of mind that the products they buy and love are covered against mechanical failures and accidental damage.

Helping build brand confidence and generate incremental revenue

Here’s how the Extend + partnership is benefiting one of their mutual customers: is made up of a team of audio-visual industry veterans with 15+ years of expertise in their field. Their massive assortment of projector screens and accessories are priced competitively and their agents are well-versed in the nuances of putting together a two-piece projection system.’s customers wanted protection for their expensive screens (the company’s average order value is over $2500), so the company started using a legacy product protection provider. However, it was an incredibly manual selling process for the team and didn’t provide their customers with a simple online claims experience. chooses modern protection

After learning about the Extend + partnership, decided to make the switch to Extend to offer their customers a modern claims experience and peace of mind that their screens will be covered against accidental damage and life’s mishaps. 

Offering Extend gives a competitive advantage.

Offering Extend also gave a competitive advantage and a reason for customers to buy with them over other merchants who didn’t provide product protection on the same products.

Seamless integrations had them up and running in time for Black Friday

Thanks to the native integration on and the support of Extend’s team, had a smooth implementation process and was able to quickly get up and running by Black Friday. 

Since going live with Extend, has been generating incremental revenue without having to stock additional products, and has given customers the confidence to buy without having to worry about what might happen in the case of accidental damage.

Are you ready to grow your ecommerce business and thrive online?

Merchants like have learned that modern product protection and powerful ecommerce tools are no longer out of their reach thanks to the partnership between Extend and

Head to if you want to learn more about getting your ecommerce store on their platform and how to start offering Extend product protection on your products through

Want to become an Extend partner? Head to our site to get all the information.

Sohila Sandher
Sohila Sandher is a partner marketing manager for Extend.

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