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Customer Satisfaction is Our North Star

Woodrow H. Levin
April 20, 2020

Making customers happy and providing an elegant user experience throughout the extended warranty and protection plan life cycle is what drives us

I’m sure you have heard of extended warranties, and probably have even thought about buying one in the last 30-60 days…did you? Perhaps, like me and many others, you did buy a protection plan. Or maybe you didn’t because you weren’t sure what type of customer experience you would get. Too many people have heard about, or experienced, poor customer service related to extended warranties. There are plans that are hard to understand or outright misleading, slow claims processes, long hold times on the phone, and claims denied on technicalities.

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For decades companies have built big, profitable businesses by selling extended warranties. However, these companies have either refused to, or been unable to grow with the times and deliver an exceptional customer experience. For too long, insurance companies and administrators in the extended warranty and protection plan industry have been focused on cost control, and thus on themselves. It’s time for that to change. It’s time for the focus to be squarely on the customer.

Let’s start with the decision to buy. No one really does a great job explaining why you should buy a protection plan, or what you are getting when you buy it. We sometimes buy them anyway because it gives us peace of mind, but incumbent companies don’t take the time to explain, in plain English, what protections they are really providing. Little to no work has been done to educate consumers on the value and coverage that extended warranties provide. This is a common problem in the insurance industry as well, and as Hippo Insurance found, few of us really know what our auto, home, and health insurance policies cover until we need them. A relatively new entrant into the home and rental insurance space, Lemonade, has taken this challenge head on with their Policy 2.0 - a clear and approachable set of Terms and Conditions in easy-to-understand language. Likewise, Extend is committed to helping our customers understand what they are buying and why, so they can feel confident when they add an Extend protection plan to their order.

Next, we need to make filing a claim less painful, even pleasant! This is 2019! You don’t call someone to hail a taxi, pick up the phone to make a dinner reservation, or book a flight by dialing up a travel agent. Why do I need to call someone to file a claim on an extended warranty? With Extend, filing a claim is as simple as sending a text. Our automated claims adjudication system is available whenever you are, on whatever device you want - your iPhone / Android phone, tablet, laptop. You can even call us to file your claim if you want (all calls are required to be answered within 30 seconds)😊 . The experience will be friendly, fast, and easy. We will be ready to assist you when you need it - working to provide the best claim administration experience in the industry - with most claims approved instantly!

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Simply put, our goal is to create the trusted consumer brand for extended warranties and protection plans. This means educating consumers at the point of purchase, and delivering a straightforward and elegant customer experience right from the start. If and when you need to file a claim we will take care of you on a fast and reliable technology platform built for today’s consumer. Extend is building a service that delivers protection plans with a consistently awesome customer experience, across the products you buy and use every day. You will start to see us on your favorite merchants’ websites soon… be sure to drop us a line and say hello!

You can follow me on twitter @Woodrow1616, and Extend @HelloExtend

Woodrow H. Levin
Woodrow is a co-founder of Extend, and its CEO. He has built multiple startups over the past 20 years, and sits on the Board of Directors of DraftKings.

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