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Content Configurability: How Extend Helps Merchants Increase Revenue and Improve User Experience

Marc Peterson
July 6, 2022

In ecommerce, a good website user experience (UX) can be the difference between a conversion and a referral… to your competitor with a better UX. In fact, PwC found that even for brands people love, one in three users will leave a website after a single bad user experience. 

A number of factors can lead to a bad user experience: slow page load speeds, confusing site navigation, poor mobile design, etc. In particular, the text and visuals served to users can impact their decision to stay on your site or make a repeat visit — site content must be relevant and current to capture a user’s attention and nurture them toward a purchase.

1 in 3 users will leave a website after just one bad user experience (PwC).

Value-added services like shipping or product protection are often displayed as add-on products, appearing during checkout or in a pop-up window after a buyer adds something to their cart. But even though these services don’t usually get a full product page, plump with helpful images and promotional copy, they can still be optimized to foster attachment and increase average order value (AOV) for your site.

That’s why Extend has focused on revamping the way protection plans are displayed on merchant sites through a feature called Content Configurability. 

What is Content Configurability?

Consider how distracting this scenario would be: you’re online searching for the perfect new mattress, but each time you click into a product description, you only get generic information that tells you the product is a mattress. No information on material, firmness, thickness, size, color, etc.

How much confidence would you have in buying that mattress? Probably very little!

Mattresses come in all shapes and sizes, and the only way you can make an informed decision is to have accurate information in front of you. That’s why Extend makes sure to provide the information customers need in order to make an informed decision about adding product protection to their purchase. 

Extend delivers customized protection plan content to give your customers a better user experience.

Extend now offers merchants the ability to customize their protection plan content for a better user experience through Content Configurability. And as a result, merchants who have taken advantage of this feature have already started to see improved plan attach rates.

Content Configurability brings custom content to the surface

With this new Content Configurability initiative, Extend is able to customize text and imagery that’s specific to:

  • Product vertical
  • Individual merchants
  • Protection plan details
Before and after optimizing protection plan content through Extend’s new feature, Content Configurability.

That means if a customer is shopping for a mattress from Nest Bedding, they won't be asked about adding a protection plan that covers electrical failure. Unlike some legacy protection plan providers, Extend plans can be created specifically for individual industries and merchants — this brings added peace of mind to customers and encourages plan attachment.

What are the benefits of Content Configurability?

The ability to continually improve and optimize protection plan offers is a win for merchants and customers alike. 

Quick deployment

Content Configurability enhances the value Extend provides to merchants with highly-customized content that can be published within the day. This quick deployment speed means there are no interruptions in website functionality.

Seamless purchase experience

Custom imagery on the Extend interstitial modals — those pop-up windows displaying protection plan offers — helps customers feel like the Extend offering is a natural part of the merchant’s site. This adds value to their experience and underscores brand trust.

Improved program performance

Tailored protection plan content drives higher program performance, which could translate to increases in average order value, conversions, and overall customer satisfaction.

Extend merchant Original Grain made their protection plan offers more relevant and engaging via Content Configurability.

How does Content Configurability work?

One of Extend’s primary goals is to empower and enable our merchant partners’ success. That’s the whole point of rolling out Content Configurability — to make protection plan offers more enticing for customers and help merchants increase revenue. 

To that point, the Extend team has worked hard to make Content Configurability simple and quick to deploy. The process started with category-level optimizations, and moving forward, both category and merchant updates can be published within a single day.

Both category and merchant updates can be published within a single day.

So if one of our merchant partners forgets to mention that all of their new-season assets are going live on their site tomorrow, and they want their offers to match, we can help make that happen!

All a merchant needs to do is reach out to their Merchant Success Manager to get the process started.

The results speak for themselves

While Content Configurability is a new initiative at Extend, early data is showing impressive results. Specifically, updated category-level content is averaging up to 13% higher attach rates than the previous content.

Updated category-level content is averaging up to 13% higher attach rates.

That means merchants who have taken advantage of Content Configurability are increasing AOV and revenue. 

Get more with product protection

Content Configurability is available to existing Extend merchants — simply get in touch with your merchant success manager to get started.

Interested in how product protection could help your business increase top-line revenue and customer satisfaction? Schedule a custom demo today.
Marc Peterson
Marc leads the offers experience strategy and testing at Extend. His team focuses on driving higher performance for our merchant partners and a better experience for our customers.

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