BlendJet has seen an 11% increase in overall product purchase conversion rate after they added Extend protection plans to their site.

Sitewide Sales Conversion
Attach Rate
Plan Offered
Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH)


With over 1 million customers, the BlendJet portable blender is a viral sensation, and the most popular blender brand on Instagram. It's perfect for making smoothies at work or anywhere on the go! It's USB-rechargeable and even cleans itself. BlendJet blenders are designed to be durable and are always ready for adventure, but in case of any bumps in the road, BlendJet wanted to offer some extra peace of mind with Extend's Accidental Damage protection plans.

Why Extend?

BlendJet partnered with Extend because they knew that Extend could provide a great way to give their customers a little extra protection for their product while they’re on the go. Utilizing Extend’s Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) protection plans, BlendJet offers customers the ability to get a new BlendJet for free should they accidentally drop or break it. For a product that’s always on the go, the low price for extra protection is a no-brainer for their customers. Additionally, BlendJet realized that there’s a huge opportunity to generate extra revenue via ADH plan sales, and they weren’t wrong. In their first two months BlendJet sold over $50,000 in warranties, and the number only continues to grow!

"When running a successful direct-to-consumer brand you hear from a million vendors who promise you the world, but find that very few can actually move the needle in a meaningful way. Extend is one of the rare exceptions. After we turned on Extend, which took minutes, it instantly increased our average order value and boosted our conversion rate by double digits. Even for customers that don’t buy extended warranties we’ve found that Extend works like a trust badge that instills consumer confidence and drives more sales."
Co-Founder & CEO, BlendJet
Ryan Pamplin