Z Gallerie Strengthens Brand Trust and Generates $1M+ in Product Protection Sales With Extend


The team at Extend is focused, dedicated, and experienced. They make it really easy to implement product protection and bend over backwards to support your business and help you to be successful. We couldn’t ask for a better partner to protect the furnishings our customers love and use in their homes every day.

Tobin Schiller
General Manager of One Kings Lane and Head of Marketing at Z Gallerie

Cultivating an eye for style and a customer-first reputation

Z Gallerie has a passion for the artful home. Originally founded as a poster shop in California in 1979, they’ve since expanded into offering curated home furnishings to make every day glamorous, one room at a time. Creating an unmatched customer experience is central to their brand ethos, so Z Gallerie invested in value-added services which elevate the customer journey and the post-purchase experience, including product protection. However, after reevaluating their existing third-party product protection provider, Z Gallerie felt it was time for an upgrade.

Upgrading to a modern, comprehensive product protection solution

Z Gallerie’s clientele consists mostly of people who want beautiful home furnishings and love to entertain, but who also live active lives and have families and small children. Always seeking ways to create value for their customers, Z Gallerie partnered with a third-party product protection provider to offer coverage against the accidents and mishaps of day-to-day life.

However, selling plans to customers required Z Gallerie’s call center representatives to make cold, post-purchase sales calls, attempting to convince them to add on a protection plan. This bare bones solution didn’t offer any way for Z Gallerie to sell plans on their site or any marketing support. Z Gallerie had limited success with this program, and knew they needed a provider who would enable them to sell plans online and make product protection part of the pre-purchase customer journey. After doing research on other third-party providers, Extend was the solution for Z Gallerie.

The unparalleled benefits of Extend

Supporting ecommerce and call center sales to create an omnichannel sales strategy

Unlike their previous product protection provider, Extend offers three different offer placement types (PDP, modal, and in-cart) for merchants to enable on their ecommerce sites, as well as in-store marketing at retail locations. Z Gallerie’s call center was no longer the only way for customers to learn about and purchase product protection, as they could now choose the right plan for them during the purchase process online and in-store. However, their customer service representatives continue to drive major sales of protection plans, creating an omnichannel sales strategy and opening up more than one avenue for customers to add on product protection.

Co-marketing support to help drive sales and awareness

Z Gallerie took advantage of Extend’s co-marketing program to create integrated, co-branded marketing assets that help drive sales of protection plans. They created a number of different co-marketing campaigns, including emails, paid social media posts, in-store signage, and organic social media posts, and loved the effective, co-branded messaging of the assets. Their paid advertising campaign has been particularly successful in creating sales and generating brand awareness.

Integration with BigCommerce

As a BigCommerce merchant, Z Gallerie enjoys the benefits of the partnership between Extend and BigCommerce. According to Tobin Schiller, General Manager at One Kings Lane and Head of Marketing at Z Gallerie, “Being on the BigCommerce platform has been a net positive for us and has helped in driving our success. It’s much easier and faster for our teams who work on our website to make changes when necessary, and it made integrating Extend a smooth experience.” This is because BigCommerce offers a pre-built integration to Extend’s API solution, while Extend handles mapping product protection to Z Gallerie’s SKUs.

An attach rate on the rise creates a new revenue stream with added brand trust

Over the course of their relationship with Extend, Z Gallerie has seen a growing attach rate of product protection plans, leading to a total of more than $1 million in plan sales so far. In particular, plan performance increased after launching in-store co-marketing activities with Extend, which quadrupled plan attachment from Q2 through Q4 2022.

Z Gallerie’s success in selling product protection plans comes as no surprise: they’ve followed best practices and leveraged Extend’s co-marketing efforts to drive program awareness, and their customers have recognized product protection as a way to get the most out of their favorite furniture products. Their partnership with Extend is a win-win.

“We couldn’t ask for a better partner to protect the furnishings our customers love and use in their homes every day,” Schiller said.